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Monceren G® 370 FS

Monceren G® New Seed treatment fungicide / insecticide Mixture of two active ingredients. A   non-systemic, protective fungicide with long-lasting activity, as well as a systemic insecticide with excellent performance against sucking insects
Monceren G® is used for protecting potato from sucking pest (Aphids) and Black scurf (Rhizocotonia) and it is ideal for integrated crop protection and resistance management. When applied as a preventive treatment, its highly specific action prevents the invading fungus from spreading further. Monceren G® Produces more consistent tuber size and shape and clean, bright skin finish

Recommendations and rates of use

Potatoblack scurf and stem canker (Dry or flowable seed dressing)0.06 ml /kg tubersNot applicable
How to apply:
  • Shake the container well before use and re-seal immediately after use.
  • Seed Tubers should be dry and free of soil deposits at treatment.
  • Seed tubers may be treated with Monceren G at any time going out of store.
  • Application should be carried out over a roller table, most conveniently at the end of grading and before planting
  • Monceren G may be applied as spray (at up to 3.0 litres of spray solution per tonne), or on Planter application
Monceren G ® 370FS is a flowable concentrate for seed treatment, containing 250 kg Pencycuron + 120 g a.i /kg Imidacloprid
Mode of action:
Imidacloprid acts as acute contact and stomach poison with an excellent systemic and broad-spectrum activity against sucking pests .Pencycuron is a non-systemic, protective fungicide with long-lasting activity inhibiting mycelium growth of fungi.
WHO classification:
Product: slightly hazardous


Application of liquid or solid product:

Mixed with water.

Wear gloves:

Handling of all products,
Application of all products for mixing with water, if Very toxic, Toxic or Skin irritant.

Wear boots (protective clothing):

Handling and application of all products.

Wash after use:

All products.

Keep out of reach of children:

All products.

Wear apron:

If required.

Wear eye protection:

Handling of liquid products for mixing with water, e. g. EC, EW, SC, SL;
Handling and application of all liquid products for undiluted use, e. g. UL;
Handling of all solid products, e. g. DP, DS, GR, SP, WP, if Very toxic,
or Eye irritant.

Dangerous/harmful to animals:

All products, if Very toxic or Toxic.

Dangerous/harmful to fish.
Do not contaminate lakes, rivers, ponds or streams:

All products which are harmful to fish.

Handling liquid product:

For mixing with water.


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