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Ethrel® 480 SL

Ethrel® , containing the active substance ethephon, is a plant growth regulator The product is registered in more than 60 countries worldwide such as Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Greece and USA on about 60 crops, including cereals, cotton, various fruits, pineapple, rubber trees and sugar cane. Ethrel® is used for thinning, loosening or ripening in various crops.

Recommendations and rates of use

Apple, Pear, PeachNot Applicable (لا يوجد (منظم نمو))

1.1 ml/l water

Spray when fruit has reached a marketable size

GrapeNot Applicable (لا يوجد (منظم نمو))

Two applications

1st 0.3 ml/l water spray 5-8 days after fruit set in order to increase fruit size

2nd 1.1 ml/l water spray at start of colouring, to accelerate ripening 

BananaNot Applicable (لا يوجد (منظم نمو))

1.6 ml/l water

Dip the harvested green bunches in a solution of the product for one minute only to accelerate ripening

KakiNot Applicable (لا يوجد (منظم نمو))

1.6 ml/l water

After harvest, Dip the harvested fruits in a solution of the product for one minute only to accelerate ripening

Tomato for industryNot Applicable (لا يوجد (منظم نمو))

Two applications

Spray 0.3 ml/l water 1st at fruit set; 2nd one week later

Tomato local consumptionNot Applicable (لا يوجد (منظم نمو))

Four applications

Spray 1.2 ml/l water at the appearance of 1st first flowers, then at weekly intervals

Canataloupe and sweet melonsNot Applicable (لا يوجد (منظم نمو))

Dip a sponge in the spray solution (1.5 ml/l water) and wipe the surface of each fruit

CitrusNot Applicable (لا يوجد (منظم نمو))

Apply 1.5 ml/l water to orange during November to increase fruit size and enhance colour

Cucumber and SquashNot Applicable (لا يوجد (منظم نمو))

Spray 0.3 ml/l water after the appearance of the first and second leaves, but before flowering to increase the number of female flowers

CerealsNot Applicable (لا يوجد (منظم نمو)) Soak the seeds in a product solution (1.5 ml/l water) one day before planting to increase the number of side shoots and hence yield potential
Consult the local label/distributor

Ethrel®  480 SL is a soluble liquid concentrate containing  480 g.a.i. /l Ethephon

Mode of action:

Ethephon is absorbed by the plant tissues where it is broken down into naturally occurring compounds: carbon dioxide, phosphate and also ethylene, which acts as a plant hormone.

May Trade
WHO classification:
Product: slightly hazardous


Material Safety Data Sheet
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