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Calypso® 480 SC

Calypso® is a Systimic contact insecticide that has been developed by BCS mainly for foliar applications providing effective control of a broad spectrum of sucking and chewing pests. It has better activity against certain Lepidopteran pests. Calypso® acts as an acute contact and stomach poison, combining systemic properties with relatively low application rates and superior plant compatibility. Calypso® is a new tool for resistance management in apple codling moth control and where organo-phosphates, carbamates and pyrethroids have been traditionally used.

Recommendations and rates of use

PotatoAphids20 ml/100 l.3 days
TomatoWhitefly (Bemisia tabaci (GENNADIUS)) 120 ml/fedd.4 days

Consult the local label/distributor

How to apply:
foliar application for vegetables use 600-800 lit /ha according to plant size
For fruit trees use 800-1000 lit /ha to ensure good coverage
Calypso® 480 SC is a suspension concentrate containing 480 g/l thiacloprid
Mode of action:
Calypso® selectively binds to the postsynaptic nicotinergic receptor, thus disturbing signal transmission in the insect’s nervous system. Due to this mode of action, there is no cross resistance to conventional insecticides. This mode of action is different from organo-phosphates, carbamates and pyrethroids
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WHO classification:
Product: slightly hazardous


Application of liquid or solid product:

Mixed with water.

Wear gloves:

Handling of all products,
Application of all products for mixing with water, if Very toxic, Toxic or Skin irritant.

Wear boots (protective clothing):

Handling and application of all products.

Wash after use:

All products.

Keep out of reach of children:

All products.

Wear apron:

If required.

Wear eye protection:

Handling of liquid products for mixing with water, e. g. EC, EW, SC, SL;
Handling and application of all liquid products for undiluted use, e. g. UL;
Handling of all solid products, e. g. DP, DS, GR, SP, WP, if Very toxic,
or Eye irritant.

Dangerous/harmful to animals:

All products, if Very toxic or Toxic.

Dangerous/harmful to fish.
Do not contaminate lakes, rivers, ponds or streams:

All products which are harmful to fish.

Handling liquid product:

For mixing with water.


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