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Sereno® 60 WG

Sereno® 60 WG offers double protection to crops against late blight as well as strong control of early blight in one go. It combines two active ingredients and acts fast in a consistent and reliable way resulting in high level of efficacy protecting new leaves and stems.

Sereno® is showing good protectant activity against leaf blight, early blight and tuber blight. It also exhibits anti-sporulant effects.

Sereno® has an Excellent protectant, Antisporulant, curative and translaminar activity and show no risk for beneficial, birds and bees.

Recommendations and rates of use

PotatoEarly and Late blight150g/100 l.9 days
TomatoEarly and Late blight150g/100 l.7 days
CucumberDowny Midlew (Pseudoperonospora cubensis, Plasmopara viticola) 150g/100 l.8 days
Consult the local label/distributor
How to apply:
Foliar application For use 300 - 400 lit /fed according to plant size
Sereno® 60 WG is a water dispersible granule containing fenamidone 100 g/kg + mancozeb 500 g/kg
Mode of action:

Fenamidone inhibits mitochondrial respiration by blocking electron transport. Its high level of activity against zoospore liberation and direct cyst and sporangial germination ensures consistently good preventative efficacy in the control of vine downy mildew and late blight of potatoes and tomatoes. Fenamidone has curative and antisporulant effects as well as a secondary effect on the first stages of development of the mycelium. Mancozeb is a preventative multisite fungicide of the family of Dithiocarbamates that inhibits germination of mildew zoospores. It acts on several metabolisms in the fungus.
Mancozeb is a preventative multisite fungicide that inhibits germination of mildew zoospores.

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WHO classification:
Product: slightly hazardous


Wash after use:

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Keep out of reach of children:

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Wear apron:

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