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Folicur® EC 250

Folicur® is a fungicidal compound with a broad-spectrum systemic action which can be used as a foliar spray or seed-dressing. Folicur® has excellent plant compatibility and provide reliable efficacy over a period of several weeks and controls numerous pathogens in various crops.

  • The wide spectrum of activity covers the following pathogens:
    • alternaria, fusarium, helminthosporium, monilia, mycosphaerella, powdery mildew, rusts, sclerotinia, septoria, venturia, and many more.
  • Main focus
    • cereals: fusarium & rusts
    • peanuts: white rot
    • stonefruits: monilia
    • vegetables: leaf spots
    • grapes: powdery mildew

Folicur® is the standard fungicide that can do almost any job. It may not be the best for each individual disease, but it is often the best all-round solution.

Recommendations and rates of use

OnionWhite rot

dip the seedling in 25 ml/l. solution.

Spray after transplanting with 187.5 ml/100 l. (two applications are required; the first 6 weeks after transplanting; the second 6 weeks later)

28 days
PotatoEarly Blight (Alternaria solani) 60 ml/100 l.10 days
Consult the local label/distributor
How to apply:
foliar application use 600-800 lit /ha according to plant size to ensure good coverage
Folicur® 250 EC is an emulsifiable concentrate containing 250g/l tebuconazole.
Mode of action:
Tebuconazole is a fungicidal triazole compound that acts as a demethylation inhibitor (DMI) of fungal sterol biosynthesis.
Al Emar Co.
WHO classification:
Product: moderately hazardous


Wear gloves:

Handling of all products,
Application of all products for mixing with water, if Very toxic, Toxic or Skin irritant.

Wash after use:

All products.

Keep out of reach of children:

All products.

Wear apron:

If required.

Wear eye protection:

Handling of liquid products for mixing with water, e. g. EC, EW, SC, SL;
Handling and application of all liquid products for undiluted use, e. g. UL;
Handling of all solid products, e. g. DP, DS, GR, SP, WP, if Very toxic,
or Eye irritant.

Handling liquid product:

For mixing with water.


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