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Building trust through partnership

Partnership is the foundation of our customer philosophy. Our customers are more than simply clients who buy products. They are partners with whom we strive to build a durable relationship based on trust and a positive, mutual return.

Our customers include distributors, dealers and farmers. We aim to ensure the entire supply chain reaps the benefits of the partnership. Thorough knowledge of our different markets worldwide is therefore a key priority. It is essential to know our customers and understand the workings of distribution channels in every country, enabling us to offer comprehensive, clear, reliable, durable and specific solutions to meet local needs.   

Agricultural Materials Co. (Agrimatco)

426, Al-Haram Street – Giza – Egypt
Al Gazira Admin. Center - 3rd., Floor
Tel: +202 35735 124 – 127
Fax: +202 37762 229

May Trade S.A.E.

14, Kulliyet El Ziraa St.
12211 Guiza – Egypt
Tel: +202 35703 561
Fax: +202 35703 564


50 Street 105
Hadayek El Maadi - Cairo
Tel: +202 25253 725 / 25253 747
Fax: +202 25253 728

Cairo Chemical Company (CCC)

22, Abdel Hamid Lotfi St. Mohandessin
Postal code: 12311; Guiza - Egypt
Tel: +202 37483 658/9
Fax: +202 37482 269

Crop Compendium

Crop Compendium

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