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Oberon® SC 240

Oberon® contains the active substance spiromesifen, a new non-systemic foliar insecticide / acaricide  belonging to the new chemical class of Tetronic acids .The product is registered in many countries across the world in a range of crops for the control of whiteflies and mites. Oberon provides a reliable high level of performance equal to or better than the efficacy and residual control provided by current standards.

Common Name:

Oberon® 240 SC is a suspension concentrate containing 240 g a.i. /l Spiromesifen

Acute Oral toxicity:
LD50 Rats > 2500 mg/kg
Acute - Dermal toxicity:
LD50 Rats > 4000 mg/kg
WHO classification:
Active ingredient: slightly hazardous
Product: slightly hazardous
Mode of action:
Oberon® acts by contact activity and the active substance, spiromesifen has a new mode of action inhibiting lipid biosynthesis. The biological activity of tetronic acids correlates with inhibition of lipogenesis especially triglycerides and free fatty acids. This new mode of action and the lack of cross resistance to commercial products make spiromesifen a valuable tool for resistance management.

Recommendations and rates of use

CucumberWhite fly240 ml/fedd.3 days
Consult the local label/distributor
May Trade


Material Safety Data Sheet
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