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Mesurol® 2 RB

Mesurol®  2 RB  is a high quality molluscicide pellet that contains the active substance methiocarb. The pellet is resistant to weathering and mould and this means that it works no matter what the weather conditions. Mesurol®  2 RB consistently delivers the highest levels of mollusc control across all species. The product safeguards plants not only against damage from snail feeding; it also protects them from contamination with the slime secreted by these pests as well as their faeces.

Common Name:
Mesurol® 2 RB is a ready to use bait containing 2g a.i. /kg  methiocarb
Acute Oral toxicity:
LD50 Rats < 1000 mg/kg
Acute - Dermal toxicity:
LD50 Rats > 2000 mg/kg
WHO classification:
Active ingredient: highly hazardous
Product: moderately hazardous
Mode of action:
Mesurol®  acts as a non-systemic contact and stomach poison. It is a fast-acting product and shows good residual activity. Its molluscicidal activity is based on its inhibition of acetylcholinesterase, in a similar way as the organophosphorus compounds.

Recommendations and rates of use

Field CropSnails (Snails) 4 Kg/Fed3 Days
OrchardSnails (Snails) 4 kg/fedd.3 days
Not applicable as bait application.


Material Safety Data Sheet
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