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Antracol® 70 WP

Antracol® is an organic fungicide containing propineb, an active ingredient belonging to the dithiocarbamate group of compounds.. It is a protectant foliar fungicide with long residual activity and it is used across the world as a protective treatment on several crops for the control of various fungi, especially Oomycetes, Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes and Fungi imperfecti. In various countries, propineb can be used to control blights on potatoes and tomatoes, downy mildew on grapes and also apple scab.

Common Name:
Antracol® 70 WP is a wettable powder containing 70 % ai /kg  propineb
Acute Oral toxicity:
LD50 Rats > 5000 mg/kg
Acute - Dermal toxicity:
LD50 Rats > 5000 mg/kg
WHO classification:
Active ingredient: slightly hazardous
Product: slightly hazardous
Mode of action:

Propineb is a dithiocarbamate fungicide with the multisite activity characteristic of the group. Conidia or germinating conidia are killed by contact with propineb.

Recommendations and rates of use

MangoAnthracnose300 gr/100 l.7 days
TomatoEarly and Late blight300 gr/100 l.4 days
GrapeDowny mildew300 gr/100 l.21 days
Consult the local label/distributor


Material Safety Data Sheet
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