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Bayer CropScience is a leading provider of innovative crop protection solutions from seed to harvest and beyond. In our Crop Protection business we continue to build on an extensive and well-balanced portfolio of high performance products.

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A broad spectrum Systemic fungicide with protective and curative properties.  » more

Atlantis OD

Atlantis OD is an innovative new foliar herbicide with limited activity via the soil. Sold in more than 20 cereal-growing countries worldwide, iIt uses the unique ODesi® formulation to improve retention, spreading and uptake of the active ingredient on weeds.  » more


Highly Systemic fungicide with acro- and basipetal translocation specifically active against the Phycomycete family (Plasmopara, Phytophthora, Bremia)  » more


Equip® containing the active foramsulfuron, is a new post emergence herbicide used for the control of annual and perennial grass and broad leaved weeds in corn.  » more


Oberon® contains the active substance spiromesifen, a new non-systemic foliar insecticide / acaricide belonging to the new chemical class of Tetronic acids.  » more

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